August 2018 was the first occasion that I played Cabramatta Golf Club. It was in excellent condition with a pretty challenging layout. As with any course that I play now-days,  I feel as though with a little help and guidance the course could improve not only in design, but the enjoyment for all the membership. A meeting between the (General Manager) Bill Basan, (Club Captain) Andrew Marsh and  (Course Superintendent) Steve Kazurinksky. After 4 hours on the course going over 11 holes on how the golf club could make a few changes. The 10th and 11th holes were implemented. Heavy duty machinery was needed to complete the task.
11th hole above, linking two ponds together with an enlarged hazard. Hazard short of the green now a swale.
10th hole Par 4 changes 4 bunkers removed from tee shot; replaced with 2 new matrix bunkers on the left hand side. the fairway was lowered 1.5m. Removing 2,059m3 soil. linking ponds right and left at green with a new creek.